Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ken Maynard Sings (sort of).

Laurie Powers ran a nice piece on movie star Ken Maynard on Laurie's Wild West the other day, and it turned up again today on THE TAINTED ARCHIVE. Maynard has become known as the first singing cowboy, though few folks today have heard him sing. So here's a sample - his strange but interesting take on "Home On the Range." One source says he recorded this tune in 1930. Just this year, a German outfit released a CD featuring 8 songs, which they believe to be his total output.

"Home On the Range" by Ken Maynard


Joseph A. West said...

Mangled that, didn't he?
It's interesting that Hollywood had invented the cowboy hat with the turned-up brim as early as 1930 (so the movie audience could see the actors' faces). I think the horrible buscadero gun belt was created around the same time.
When I was writing the GUNSMOKE series with James Arness, a nice lady from Universal Studios (who had to vet my copy) told me that I couldn't put false-fronted buildings in Doge.
"False-fronted buildings are a Hollywood invention," she said.
My editor said: "You can't fight them. Just let it go."
Back to ol' Ken: I'm so glad eight songs was his total output.

Joseph A. West said...

That should be Dodge, of course. Dang that Jim Beam!

Evan Lewis said...

I agree, Joe. One song's plenty for me.

Laurie Powers said...

Oh come on, you guys! The guy can sing! :) Seriously, I just got home and was tickled to hear this - thanks for posting it! I think I'm going to put a link on my blog to this post so everyone can be treated to Ken's lovely voice.

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