Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Tentative Bibliography of Ed Gorman Westerns

Heck, all I was planning to do was write a review of Guild. But, as always after finishing a book I enjoy, I wanted to see a list of the author's other titles so I could figure which to read next. And dag nab it, I couldn't find a good one anywhere. So I started poking around, trying to build my own list, and I kept finding more and more titles. From perusing the racks of used book stores, I knew Ed had written a lot of westerns, but I had no idea there were this many.

So, to make things easier on other Gorman fans, here's a first stab at a list of his western titles. What was most important for my purposes was simply the order of publication. Along the way I had to figure out which books first appeared in hardcover and which were paperback originals. And since the months of publication and publisher names were there, I tossed those in too.

I may be missing a few titles. I've undoubtedly made errors. And I'm not sure if any of the later books (other than the Cavalry Man titles) feature series characters. I'm hoping some of you other Gormanites will set me straight. I'd be happy to add a list of original short story appearances, along with the western anthologies Ed's edited, and republish this sucker with due credit to all who contribute. Thanks for looking!

Guild - Oct 1987, Evans hc (Leo Guild)
Death Ground - Jul 1988, Evans hc (Leo Guild)
Grave's Retreat - Mar 1989, Doubleday hc
Blood Game -  Sept 1989, Evans hc (Leo Guild)
Night of Shadows - Jan 1990, Doubleday hc
Dark Trail - Jan 1990, Evans hc (Leo Guild)
What the Dead Men Say - May 1990, Evans hc
Wolf Moon -  Apr 1993, Gold Medal pb
The Sharpshooter - Dec 1993, Gold Medal pb
Gunslinger - Mar 1995, Barricade trade pb (short stories)
Trouble Man - Oct 1998, Leisure pb
Ride into Yesterday - Feb 1999, Leisure pb
Storm Riders - Nov 1999, Berkley pb
Lawless - May 2000, Berkley pb
Ghost Town - Apr 2001, Berkley pb
Vendetta - Jan 2002, Berkley pb
Relentless - Jan 2003, Berkley pb
Gun Truth - Jan 2003, Leisure pb
Lynched - May 2003, Berkley pb
Branded - May 2004, Berkley pb
The Long Ride Back - May 2004, Leisure pb (short stories)
Bad Money - Jul 2005, Berkley pb
Cavalry Man 1: The Killing Machine - Aug 2005, HarperCollins pb
Two Guns to Yuma - Aug 2005, Thorndike hc
Shoot First - Jan 2006, Berkley pb
Cavalry Man 2: Powder Keg - Jul 2006, HarperTorch pb
Cavalry Man 3: Doom Weapon - Jul 2007, HarperTorch pb

P.S. I still intend to review Guild. Coming soon.


Laurie Powers said...

I absolutely cannot keep up with these great posts. You have to slow down!

Craig Clarke said...

What a great service to Gorman fans. Thanks!

Steve M said...

Check out the interview I did with Ed, you may find some other titles there to add to your list.

Randy Johnson said...

I was going to mention the Brothers In Blood trilogy, but I see Steve has already gave you a link to his interview which was where I learned of them.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks, folks. Bill Crider has also hepped me to Fast Track. I suspect there are more.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I've read most of them, and not a rotten one in the barrel. Eh, you got cavalry right most of the time, but I'm sure you'll want to correct that first spelling. Great list.

Ben Boulden said...

Great list. I see at least one of his latest Berkley westerns missing: FAST TRACK; it is the second Dev Mallory title.

My favorites are: WOLF MOON, DEATH GROUND, and the Cavalry Man series. Although I have never read an Ed Gorman western that wasn't enjoyable.

David Cranmer said...

Thanks for the list. Two titles are knew to me.

Kenneth Mark Hoover said...

Wolf Moon is without a doubt the best novel I've read this year. Great stuff.