Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6th's Greatest Hits

Davy's top ten things that happened on this date...
1866: 1st train robbery in U.S. (Reno Brothers take $13,000)
1889: Thomas Edison shows the first motion picture
1890: Mormon Church outlaws polygamy
1893: Nabisco Foods invents Cream of Wheat
1927: "Jazz Singer," 1st movie with a sound track, premieres (New York City)
1939: Adolf Hitler denies he intends to go to war against France and Britain
1945: Tavern owner "Billy Goat" Sianis buys seat for his goat for Game 4 of World Series and is escorted out, he casts goat curse on Cubs
1955: LSD made illegal in U.S.
1961: John F. Kennedy advises Americans to build fallout shelters
1976: President Ford says there is "no Soviet domination in Eastern Europe"

1 comment:

Laurie Powers said...

It seems like the goat curse is still working. Maybe next year without Milton Bradley.
I like this Top 10 list concept. Keep it going!