Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Overlooked Audio: A NEW Adventure of THE SHADOW

Since last June, when I called your attention to Pulp-Pourri Theatre's adaptation of the W.C. Tuttle story "By Order of Buck Brady" (HERE), Pete Lutz and the Narado Radio Company gang have been mighty busy.

Among the many new programs now available for listening or downloading is this all-new adventure of The Shadow, proving once again that Crime Does Not Pay. I suggest you bop over there and check out The Shadow: A Trip to Eternity, HERE.

You should also peruse the menu of other productions, including stories of Science Fiction, Crime, the Supernatural, the Macabre, the Jungle, Espionage and War. And for you high-brows, there's even an adaptation of Macbeth. That stuff is HERE.

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