Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Art of TOM ROBERTS (Part 4)

A Crippen & Landru book from 2005. I'm curious to know who these faces belong to. (Scan courtesy of the Richard Robinson Collection)

What's the story on this cool Green Lantern painting? I wish I knew. Some guy is asking $450 for it on eBay.

A Black Dog cover from 2012. It's probably my imagination, but these guys remind me of Ham Brooks and Monk Mayfair.

More Tom art next Sunday. 
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Rick Robinson said...

I agree that they look like my idea of Ham and Monk. Good one!

Tom Roberts said...

In regards to the SLOT-MACHINE KELLY cover, the individuals that posed for my references photos were myself as Kelly, my wife as the secretary and my father-in-law as the cop in the background.

That is a straight portrait of myself as I looked at the time. The faces of my wife and her father were both altered to fit the character type as needed for the image.

In an unusual event, author Dennis Lynds and I traded emails discussing this cover shortly before his death. One rarely works with the author's input on a cover illustration.

The Green Lantern painting was a sample piece I did to show at DC Comics in an effort to get work from them.

The painting used for WEB OF THE SUN was a piece done in black and white for Moonstone Books as an interior for DOC SAVAGE: THE LOST RADIO SCRIPTS OF LESTER DENT. I reused it (under a green tint) for my Black Dog Books imprint.

And yes, it is Ham and Monk. Good eye!

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks for the lowdown, Tom!