Friday, July 10, 2015

X-Rated Forgotten Books: The Trailsman 260 - BLOOD WEDDING by "Jon Sharpe" (2003)

(Editor's Note: An always-popular feature of Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine is the "No Comment Department." Following that noble tradition, I'm going to kick back and let Mr. "Sharpe" speak for himself.)

     He slowed down so that he could match her eager thrusting, moving with her until he could feel the pent-up flow ready to burst its dam.
     “Now,” he said, releasing her hips, and she gyrated like a snake on a griddle.     (pg. 30-31)

     Fargo exploded inside her, gushing hot bursts, one after the other like cannon fire.     (pg. 31)

     She broke the kiss and started to whoop.
     “YeeeeeHaaaaaaw! YeeeeeHaaaaaaw!”     (pg. 62)

     “YeeeeeHaaaaaaw! YeeHaw! YeeHaw! YeeHaw!”    (pg. 63)

     He felt a tremendous pressure building in him.. It seemed to start in his toes and work its way all the way up his legs, which tightened like a bowstring.     (pg. 64)

     “YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!”     (pg. 65)

     Fargo saw that her breasts were even bigger than he thought, standing high and proud, with their erect nipples pointing straight at him like bullets.     (pg. 90)

     She immediately moved her hand from herself to his erection, which was already standing at attention like a soldier on parade.     (pg. 91)

     “You could use that for a club if you got in a brawl,” Angel said.     (pg. 91)

      His rampant erection jutted out in front of him like a spear, and Angel took it in both hands.     (pg. 92)

     Fargo was just at the point of explosion when Angel suddenly became still. He thought for an instant that he might have hurt her shoulder, but it wasn’t that. It was only the calm before the tornado struck. She bucked under him like an unbroken pony.     (pg. 92)

     “Even after all that just happened to us, you’re still stiff as a fence post.”     (pg. 116)

     He was about at his own limit, and when she started yelling, he shot into her, bucking up off the bottom of the pool with each volley.
     “YeeeeeHaaaaaaw! YeeeeeHaaaaaaw!"     (pg. 117)


Cap'n Bob said...

Now THAT'S writing.

Unknown said...


Charles Gramlich said...

I've read a few of these as a grown up, the ones written by friends of mine. I read a few when I was a teenager for other reasons.

Todd Mason said...

Is it public knowledge who had the joy of writing this one?

Evan Lewis said...

I don't know how public it is, Todd. I know who wrote it, but I'm keeping the info in my pocket for blackmail purposesi

Howard said...

Sounds like "The Coxeman" (remember those?) rewritten in Western format.

Rick Robinson said...

So, this book is about gardening, right? I hope they get those burst hoses repaired so the plants don't wilt in the heat.

Brian Drake said...

I think Max Allan Collins wrote this installment. He's used the "nipples like bullets" in the Quarry and Heller books.

Evan Lewis said...

I do remember the Coxeman series. Never read one, but I'm sure they were fine literature.

Yes, Rick, this is all about gardening. The Yee-Haw is a species of plant, I believe.

Fine guess, Brian, but Max is innocent (at least of this).

Jerry House said...

It took a bit of work, but now I know.

Evan Lewis said...

Congrats, Jerry. I believe the author, for semi-legal reasons, would prefer to remain anonymous.