Sunday, August 2, 2020

Johnny Yuma - The Rebel's SCATTERGUN!

Here's one of my favorite cap guns. This baby is a whopping 21 inches long, and has the look and feel of a real gun. And it's mighty dang close to the prop Nick Adams carried on the show. 

This gun was made by Classy Products, an outfit that made a lot of cheap-looking Roy Rogers pistols. This one, which doesn't look cheap at all, has a lot of fragile plastic. That's probably one reason it's rare today.

The fine print inside the cap loading chamber reads "Classy Prod. Co. Woodside, NY." The name Classy appeared nowhere on the box, but one of the end panels (as you'll see below) says "Harvell-Kilgore Sales Corporation, Bolivar, Tennessee." Never heard of Harvell, but Kilgore was a major player. I'm guessing they handled the distribution, at least on this gun, for Classy. 

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