Sunday, August 2, 2020

Still More Westerns You MAY Have Missed (1931)


Glen Davis said...

I've seen a couple of those.

Bob Steele was a huge star from the 20's-40's.

Evan Lewis said...

And he was got a of bit parts in TV Westerns in the '50s and '60s.

TC said...

In the 1940s, Steele co-starred in both Republic's Three Mesquiteers series and Monogram's Trail Blazers series.

He was so good as the killer Canino in The Big Sleep (1946) that Bogart specifically asked for him to play a similar part (a mob hit man) in The Enforcer.

And he was a regular as Trooper Duffy in the 1960s TV sitcom F Troop.

TC said...

I knew there was a silent Riders of the Purple Sage starring Tom Mix, but I didn't know about the version with George O'Brien.

I kind of wish Grey had sold the rights to Paramount instead of to Fox. It would have been perfect for William S. Hart.