Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Art of Raymond Chandler: Finger Man

A number of Raymond Chandler's works made their first paperback appearance in Avon books, and the covers were always stunning. This one is by Lionel Gelb. Finger Man and Other Stories (yeah, I know the cover says "The", but on the title page it's gone), published in 1946, includes the title story and "Smart-Aleck Kill" from Black Mask, "The Simple Art of Murder" from Atlantic Monthly, and "The Bronze Door" from Unknown. The text of "Finger Man" and "Smart-Aleck Kill" in this volume may differ from other versions now in print. Chandler is said to have revised several of his stories for the 1950 hardcover collection The Simple Art of Murder.


Laurie Powers said...

Very cool - a little known release of some of his work.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks for looking!