Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Story With No Name Part 17 by Peter Averillo

Walt Arnside is back, and he's pissed.

Peter Averillo, one of the 21 authors featured in the soon-to-be-released Express Westerns anthology A Fistful of Legends, has turned in a fine, gritty new addition to this round-robin saga.

Read Part 17 now at Open Range.
Parts 1-16 are conveniently collected at The Culbin Trail, featuring work by such folk as I.J. Parnham, Chuck Tyrell, Jack Giles, Chuck Martin, James J. Griffin, Joseph A. West, Robert S. Napier, Richard Prosch, Paul Dellinger and me.


Richard Prosch said...

Now and forever, that color illustration IS Walt Arnside for me. What a great image.

Evan Lewis said...

Courtesy of Mr. Walter Baumhofer, if I read the signature right, from Quick Trigger Western of Nov. 1929.