Friday, November 13, 2009

Johnny Cash sings "Bonanza"

Lorne Greene stopped by to sing this for us some weeks back, and I mentioned the vocal version had also been recorded by Johnny Cash. Well, David Cranmer was (sort of) singing a Cash tune the other day, right here, and it reminded me this was still on the to-be-played list. So here he is, ladies and gents, The Man in Black crooning the ballad of the Ponderosa boys.

"Bonanza" by Johnny Cash


David Cranmer said...

A hidden gem for sure.

Paul D Brazill said...

Very good call, mate!

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks, guys. Come back soon for a Johnny Cash/Johnny Yuma double play. The well-known 'Johnny Yuma - The Rebel' and 'The Rebel Johnny Yuma' - a whole 'nother song.

Anonymous said...

Much obliged, Davy.