Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's Up in the Wild Wild West

Ray Foster (aka Jack Giles) has posted Part 16 of this round-robin western on Broken Trails. Nice job, Ray! The previous installment and links to the whole shebang can be found here.

Express Westerns' follow-up to the fine anthology Where Legends Ride is now at the printer and a publication date will be set very soon. A Fistful of Legends will feature 20 outstanding new tales of the West, plus one by me. Watch for the big announcement from editor Nik Morton.

Short-Barrel Fiction, the online western mag fired up early this year by Gnubill, has a cool new story by Charles D. Phillips. Matthew Pizzolato's The Western Online came along in September and already has five stories up, the latest by Kenneth Mark Hoover.  Now there's Duke Pinnell's new Frontier Tales Magazine, with fiction by Dusty Richards and Ellen Gray Massey. And a recent issue of David Cranmer's Beat to a Pulp featured cowboy star Buck Jones and his pal Bela Lugosi in a tale penned by James Reasoner.

Richard Prosch ran a two-part interview with Wild Bill Crider on Meridian Bridge, the first part focusing on Bill's classic novel Ryan Rides Back. Gary Dobbs (aka Black Horse author Jack Martin) was interviewed here by Avril Field-Taylor. Gary himself interviewed Black Horse writer Ed Ferguson (Lee Walker) on The Tainted Archive. And Steve M has an interview with super-prolific Australian western writer Keith Herrington on Western Fiction Review.

For a daily dose of what's best in the West, now, then or in between, do not fail to visit Laurie Powers at Laurie's Wild West.

The Old West APA (amateur press association) OWLHOOT is open to new members. Founded in 2003 by Cap'n Bob Napier, OWLHOOT is a quarterly publication featuring wide-ranging discussions of all things West: Books, movies, TV, pulps, history, OTR, comics, music and more. And it's done the old fashioned way - in print. Each member prepares four or more pages of material, prints copies and mails them to Cap'n Bob, who assembles the issue and mails it back. The current roster includes: Fred Blosser, Bill Crider, Paul Dellinger, Frank Denton, Dale Goble, Jim Griffin, A.P. McQuiddy, Richard Moore, Bob Napier, James Reasoner, Duane Spurlock and Thom Walls (all gents to ride the river with), and me. If you're interested in joining this wild and woolly crew, shoot me an email and we'll talk details.


Laurie Powers said...

Thanks for the shout-out. And that Owlhoot looks too good - I may have to talk to you about that. Love the cover.

The Infernal Mr Adams said...

Haha, I love the name Owlhoots :D

Cap'n Bob said...

Scratch Spurlock, he's on Boot Hill. We're always happy to have new blood, though, and sample mailings are available for the asking while supplies last. One small correction: You don't have to do 4 pages each mailing, just a total of four every other mailing. So come one, come all.

Cap'n Bob said...

One other thing: OWLHOOT stands for Old West Literary Heritage Organization of Old Timers.

Kenneth Mark Hoover said...

Wow, thank you very much for these links. I will include them on my Western_Writers community on LJ.

Thanks again! :)