Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Art Gallery: Speed Detective





pattinase (abbott) said...

You can come close to dating them by the female hairstyles.

Deka Black said...

Like the archeologist with the female statues of roman women.

Evan Lewis said...

I like the details in the April cover. Beyond the first impact of the action we see that the guy is not only strangling the babe and pushing off the roof, he's about to club her with a gun. The jewels in the pocket, the tipping potted plant, the horrified maid and highway below are all nice touches.

The May cover tells its own story, with an extremely German-looking fellow (you can easily picture him in a Nazi uniform) gripping a German-made Luger and going after the blueprints in a war plant.

Richard R. said...

That fellow on the May 1943 cover looks a lot like Burt Lancaster did in Bird-Man of Alcatraz. But this came first, of course.

Great stuff, Evan, thanks.