Sunday, May 30, 2010

Raymond Chandler & Ray Milland: Pearls Are a Nuisance

When I first read this story - lo, so many years ago - I didn't like it much. It's probably safe to say it was my least favorite Chandler story. I was pretty hardboiled then, and this story wasn't. It was so unlike Chandler's other work that I couldn't figure why bothered writing it. But thanks to this radio version I finally get it. It's a satire. And a damn good one.

This episode of the long running radio drama Suspense was first broadcast on April 20, 1950.

Pearls Are a Nuisance Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

NOTE: If you hit the PLAY button and get nothing but "connecting", you may have to refresh the screen. Sorry, but this show is worth the nuisance!

After hearing this, I wouldn't be surprised if you want to read the story. I know I did. Luckily, it's readily available, in just about every edition of the Chandler collection The Simple Art of Murder. The collection shown here also includes Chandler's essay on crime fiction (the title piece) plus "Spanish Blood", "I'll Be Waiting", "The King in Yellow", "Pickup on Noon Street", "Smart-Aleck Kill", "Guns at Cyrano's" and "Nevada Gas".


Randy Johnson said...

Did enjoy that.

Deka Black said...

nice! first red Panda adventures, and now this ^^ With the time i has come to like radio drama and audio books ^^