Monday, May 24, 2010

LEGEND 6: "Bloodhound" by C. Courtney Joyner

Jim Bishop sweeps out the jail cells, cleans the rifles, fetches whiskey for the sheriff.  But when the sheriff hands him a badge and sends him after a brutal killer, Jim is determined to succeed.

Trouble is, the killer is an Apache - and just maybe something more than a man. Near death in the desert, Jim finds help from a most unexpected source - and discovers he is just maybe something more than a deputy.

C. Courtney Joyner weaves a compelling tale of grit, guts and self-discovery that takes Jim Bishop (and you, lucky reader) to the edge of the unknown.

Joyner is a screenwriter, director (and even a part-time actor) with an impressive list of credits on IMDb. His book The Westerners: Interviews with Actors, Directors, Writers and Producers was published in October. Among the many folks he talks to are Elmore Leonard, Glenn Ford, Warren Oates, Virginia Mayo, Andrew V. McLaglen, Andrew J. Fenady and Harry Carey.

“Bloodhound” is one of the 21 new tales of the Old West awaiting you in the Express Westerns anthology A Fistful of Legends. I happen to know that his book graces the shelves of such discriminating readers as Miss Laurie Powers, Mr James Reasoner, Prof. Bill Crider, Owlhoot Richard Prosch and Cap’n Bob Napier. Why not yours?

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David Cranmer said...
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David Cranmer said...

C. Courtney Joyner's "Bloodhound" played out cinematically, as I read it, and now I see why with the impressive credits.

Owlhoot Richard Prosch? Ha.

Matthew P. Mayo said...

Courtney's tale is one of my favorites in the antho. It's a treat from beginning to end, and kept me pinned. I'm looking forward to novel-length from him!


courtney joyner said...

Evan, thanks so much for the kind words. Because of my movie background, I have been a little timid about moving forward into prose. I have a nice, little mountain of rejection slips for previous efforts, and I was struggling with "shifting gears" between the two writing techniques. Also, I wanted to pen some western fiction, and it's only been through the great - and constant - encouragement of friends like Matt Mayo that got me to sit down and do it. A positive reaction from other writers you respect is humbling, and a hell of a charge at the same time! Writing isn't the easiest choice, as we know, and the support of a community is a great, great gift. Thanks for including me. best, Court.

Ray said...

I have to admit that I was spellbound by CCJ's story. I'm with Matt - with that kind of writing talent I hope that a book evolves.