Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sing Along With . . . Jim Bowie

Here's a lazy rendition of the theme from this DesiLu production, which ran for two seasons between 1956 and 1958. I have a totally unsubstantiated theory that The Prairie Chiefs were actually in whole or in part The Sons of the Pioneers. Click the arrow to fire up the jukebox and hear the song.

Jim Bowie by The Prairie Chiefs

Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie
He was a bold adventurin' man
Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie
Battled for right with a powerful hand
His blade was tempered and so was he
Indestructible steel was he
Jim Bowie, Jim Bowie
He was a fighter, a fearless and mighty adventurin' man


He was a fighter, a fearless and mighty adventurin' man


Charles Gramlich said...

There was a whole subgenre of this kind of music eh? Who knew? Well, I guess: "The Evan knows."

Evan Lewis said...

I collect TV Western theme songs and have several hundred recordings. Of course, about 50 of them are "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" and another 30 or so are "Bonanza."

George said...

I actually read this book when I was a kid. I'd forgotten all about it until I saw that cover. Thanks for the memories!

Evan Lewis said...

I should have mentioned that this book was written by Lewis B. Patten, a real-life Western author, making it a better read than most BLBs.

Ann Littlewood said...

Awk! "File not found." I wanted to hear whether you are right about this being by the Sons of the Pioneers in disguise. Great theory. Love all the cover art!