Thursday, September 6, 2012

Art Gallery: Tarzan of the Movies





Oscar Case said...

Nice collection. The bottom one looks like they are doing the tango or Lex is getting read to "fight."

Cap'n Bob said...

I haven't seen a Lex Barker Tarzan in over 40 years, and wasn't impressed then. I wonder if I'd like them any more now.

Unknown said...

I watched Tarzan movie in English version.It's very fun movie. but this comic art gallery is simply superv. I really enjoyed your post. looking great style. love it.

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christinaeve2013 said...

Hi gamin

I was very much wonder about Tarzan English version retrobut. Its one of my favourite comic movie.The collection are also good retrobut

SeoQuickheal said...

Hi Friend

This Post was awesome I really get entertained By these Movies.The Gallery seems to be very nice

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maryjohnson said...

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