Sunday, September 23, 2012

THE HUNTED by Dave Zeltserman: Hunt it down!

Everything Dave Zeltserman writes is gold, and his (relatively) new Hunted series is no exception. This 25,000 word eBook introduces us to Dan Willis, an assassin employed by a secret government agency to protect us from insurgents. As The Hunted begins, Willis has saved us from twenty-three such villains, and is just beginning to suspect there's something hinky about his assignments. And guess what? He's right!

As always, Dave's writing is tight, tough and cool, and he can turn on a dime from violence to sensitivity and back to violence again.

This series has been compared to Richard Stark's Parker series. I didn't see much Parker influence in this one, but the buzz is that things get more Parkeresque in book 2, The Dame. I look forward to finding out.


Randy Johnson said...

I loved both of these myself.

Doug Levin said...

I like The Hunted quite a bit, but haven't read the second one yet.