Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ron Scheer's "Half-Breed" at BEAT to a PULP: It ain't what you think!

Anybody who reads Ron Scheer's blog Buddies in the Saddle (that's HERE) knows he writes entertaining and insightful reviews of western novels and films. But guess what? He's also a fine fictioneer.

"Half-Breed," playing this week over at BEAT to a PULP (that's HERE), is a western tale that just happens to take place fifty or more years in the future. As a western, it has boots, guns, wild critters and other familiar trappings, but it also has elements that just ain't found in an ordinary oater.

I'm not saying what happens - you'll want to find that out for yourself. But I can tell you there's some mighty fine writing here, and I'll be looking forward to more fiction from this feller.

Here's what I know about so far:
"Jingle Bob" on Fires on the Plain (HERE)
"Overdue" on The Western Online (HERE)
"Bikers" in Pulp Modern III (HERE)


David Cranmer said...

Ron has quite the impressive collection of short stories underway.

Charles Gramlich said...

It was definitely a cool tale, and unexpected in more ways than one.

Oscar Case said...

An entertaining story!

Rick Robinson said...

I enjoy his blog a lot, but didn't realize he was a writier too! Thanks.

Ron Scheer said...

Thanks, Evan, for the kind words.