Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Too Many Crocketts" now at BEAT to a PULP

“Too Many Crocketts,” now playing over at BEAT to a PULP (that’s HERE) is what happens when I read too many of Robert E. Howard’s Breckenridge Elkins stories. Something about old Breck uncorks my inner Davy, and he won’t go back in the bottle until I write a story about him.

That’s happened several times now, so I’m putting together an eCollection called Too Many Crocketts and Other Tales that will feature five Dave and Davy adventures and a Crockett-free bonus story. Coming soon, I hope.

(About this photo exposing my inner Davy: A friend of mine says all it needs is a cigar and glasses to turn it into Groucho Crockett. Yikes! He's right.)

Meanwhile, Davy manifests himself in other ways. “Mr. Crockett and the Bear,” in the May issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine introduced his modern-day namesake, a Memphis attorney and Tennessee State Representative who (like me and the hero of “Too Many Crocketts”) just can’t seem to get Old Davy out of his head. There will be more stories in that series too.

The May AHMM is still available in a variety of eFormats from Fictionwise. (That’s HERE)
P.S. Fictionwise also offers the Sept/Oct ish of EQMM, featuring “Skyler Hobbs and the Garden Gnome Bandit.” (HERE)


Charles Gramlich said...

Gotta check that out, having read quite a few Breck Elkins stories in my day.

Richard Prosch said...

Great job on the story! And that's a sportin' mugshot! Clean shaven, you'd be channeling DC Comics's Silver Age character, Tomahawk.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks for looking, guys.

You're right, Rich. I had to grow my 'stache because everyone kept mistaking me for Tomahawk.

Ron Scheer said...

Nifty story, Evan. The spirit of Robert E. Howard is surely smiling on you for this one. "Betwixt" and "Belay" in the same story, too; I'm tickled.

Deka Black said...

Just read. Indeed there's too many Crocketts. And too many body hair in one of the bad guys, too.

On the other hand, Davy is a good grandfather. instead of resting in peace he looks after his grandson!

Vladimir Matuschenko said...

I have just read "Too Many Crocketts". Thank you, Evan!
I got a big pleasure from reading your story. In the title, I caught an allusion to Rex Stout and Richard Prather ("Too many cooks"/"Too many crooks"). Your trick with the voice of an ancestor in the head (almost Jeanne d'Arc :) is witty and very colorful detail! The whole story and the end of story are worth O.Henry Award. It is a pity that there's no Norbert Davis Award, I'm sure you would get it too. You create masterfully funny details in discription ("This critter had hair enough for any ten humans, and it bristled in all directions.") and create tongue-in-cheek and witty phrases in dialogues ("At my service, eh? What are you, a butler?"). Very talanted. True. You have the gift of a good storyteller. I thought that such kind of storyteller is over. No. There is one in the Earth. Really and truly, without too many words. And the Oscar goes to Evan Lewis.
Best Regards,
Vladimir Matuschenko

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks guys!