Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Overlooked Films: Mattel SNUB-NOSE .38 Commercials

Two weeks ago I posted a couple of Mattel Shootin' Shell Fanner commercials (HERE), harkening back to my days as a half-pint gunslinger. This week I grant equal time to my inner detective. Yep, I had one of these Snub-Nose .38s, complete with badge and shoulder holster, and wore it to emulate my favorite private eye, Stu Bailey of 77 Sunset Strip. At the time, of course, I had no idea old Stu had been born in Roy Huggins' The Double Take, but that's another story (told HERE). 

I also had the Tommy Burst machine gun, but didn't know it was sold in a detective set. I used mine while wearing my plastic army helmet.


Unknown said...

Yet another Mattel masterpiece.
I have a large revolver collection (much to my wife's irritation) but I still get a kick out of the toys.
I wonder what the snub would cost today, new on the card? A great deal I imagine.
Ah well, back to sagebrush and six-guns and making a living.

Rick Robinson said...

Whoa. And I was stuck using a stick for a gun. Take one of these to the mall these days and they might shoot you.

George said...

I actually got a Mattel Snub-Nose .38 for Christmas. Love the shoulder holster! It shot little yellow bullets, but I soon lost them.

Evan Lewis said...

Don't know what that set would bring these days, Joe, but I know it's more than I could afford.

I'd be tempted, Rick, but luckily the shoulder holster no longer fits me. It must've shrunk.

jhegenbe said...

After that, I had a briefcase that converted into a machine gun. Spy stuff, 'natch.

Evan Lewis said...

Briefcase, eh? That must have been Topper Toy's Secret Sam. That one's on YouTube too:

Cap'n Bob said...

You sure had a lot of toys as a kid--and adult, come to think of it. I had one cowboy cap gun and a holster too small for it.