Monday, May 25, 2015

Whatever Happened to No Toes McInnis? Cap Gun Monday: MAVERICK

I don't remember where I got this holster, but I know the name of the original owner. Makes me wonder whatever happened to him - and more to the point - what happened to his toes? If you happened to be acquainted with old No Toes, ask him to shoot me an email. I'm sure our readers would like to hear the tale. In any case, he is to be commended for keeping his toys in such good shape (except, of course, for searing his name into the holster belt with a wood burning tool). 

The Maverick pistol shown here, made by Leslie-Henry, is basically the same gun as the Davy Crockett model shown HERE. I also have Gene Autry and Paladin versions, and there were several others.

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Cap'n Bob said...

Great holster, and made with genuine leather.

Oscar said...

A mighty fancy rig. Sorry, I can't help you with No Toes.