Saturday, May 9, 2015

Toy Soldier Saturday: MARX Squatty-body GIs

I ain't certain sure what to call these guys. They're small (the tallest is two inches), some (particularly the standing rifleman and the grenade thrower, are skinny when sideways, most of them have the same face, and the guy in the last pic looks like he needs to use the latrine. 

I've seen them listed as Army Training Center GIs, and that could be right. I'm guessing they were made in the early '50s, before the far better sculpted and more familiar 54mm figures of the Alamo, the Civil War and the Zorro set.

The whole Toy Soldier Line-up (to date) is HERE.


Oscar Case said...

Not so terrific on the details, but a nice collection.

Cap'n Bob said...

Correct, they're the 45mm Training Center guys. I have the buildings if you're interested. Only $75.

Evan Lewis said...

How about some pics of those buildings in action, Cap'n sir?

Cap'n Bob said...

Soon. You know, Payton had the same figures. I can't remember how to tell them apart. Maybe one was vinyl and the other plastic, or one had thicker bases.