Saturday, February 10, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON, etc. Part 10 (2006-09)

All hail Art Scott, King of Photographers
(and other sources, as noted)

2006 - Madison

with Steve Stilwell
(from Bill's blog)

with Judy and Maggie Mason

with Diane and George Kelley, Judy and Sonia Rice

with Joe Vigna, Marv Lachman and Judy

2006 - Austin (ArmadilloCon)

Bill speaks!

2006 - Alvin (Bill's Office)

A tour of the Crider Library

2008 - Baltimore

with Judy

with Steve Stilwell and Judy

with Judy and Kaye Barley
(from Kaye's publisher, I think)

with Maggie Mason, Judy, ??? and Ted Fitzgerald

2009 - Indianapolis

with Judy

with Jeff and Jackie Meyerson

with Richard Moore and Steve Stilwell

with Judy and Diane Kelley

with Judy and Richard Moore

Thx to Art and Bob

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