Monday, February 5, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON Part 5 (1992-99)

As eagle-eyed Richard Robinson pointed out, yesterday's post mysteriously skipped over most of the '90s to land in the year 2000. And as Kevin Tipple wisely suggested, I'm choosing to blame it on the Mole People. So here are the photos you should have seen yesterday, and you should be seeing yesterday's today. All clear? Well, have a look anyway.

Pics by kind permission of Emperor Artius Scott
(except those that aren't)

1992 - Toronto

with Art Scott, already on his way to cell phone addiction

1993 - Omaha

 with Don Sandstrom

with Jeff Smith, Judy, Ann Smith and Cap'n Bob Napier

1996 - St. Paul

 with Thom Walls

 with Steve Stilwell

with Judy

1997 - Monterey

  with Mr. & Mrs. Loren Estleman, Fan GOH Cap'n Bob Napier and Leslie Slaasted
(from The Cap'n's Blog)

with Stephen Marlowe
(from Bill's blog)

with Judy

1999 - Milwaukee

with Richard Robinson and Marv Lachman

  with Judy again

and again

Thanks to Bob and Art for help with names.
Join us tomorrow as we time warp ahead to 2002. 


Art Scott said...

That's Don Sandstrom, not Sanderson. Yeesh!

Evan Lewis said...

Okay, okay. I knew that, but my fingers didn't.

Art Scott said...

I'll put my digits up against yours in a battle of Finger Ignorance any day. But well done with the quick fix.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

You both are inferior to me. I is King Finger Ignorance.