Thursday, February 8, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON Part 9 (2004-05)

Whodunnit? Art Scott!
(unless otherwise admitted)

2004 - Toronto

Art Scott and his twin brother Shot

outlasting Steve Stilwell

with Sonia Rice

2005 - Chicago

with Gary Warren Niehbur

Judy and Bill 
(found on The Rap Sheet)

Ted Hertel in foreground, with Judy, Gary Warren Niehbur and Frank Denton

(from Bill's blog)

with George Kelley

with Ted Fitzgerald
(from Bill's blog)

with Judy

EQMM Panel, with Janet Hutchings, Ed Hoch and 3/4 of Marv Lachman
(from . . . I forget)

with George Kelley and Marv Lachman

with Joe Lansdale
(from Bill's blog)

with Steve Steinbock

with Frank Denton and Judy

with Judy, Anna Jo and Frank Denton, The Most Interesting Man in the World*

"Don't you have enough pictures of us?"

with Judy, Ann Smith and you-know-who

with Judy, Marv Lachman and Steve Stilwell

*So sez Cap'n Bob, who cannot tell a lie

Technical assistance from R Napier and A Scott


Art Scott said...

No "g" in Niebuhr.

For those culturally deprived, my "twin brother" statue in Toronto is the famous Canadian pianist & nut job Glenn Gould. It's in front of the Canadian Broadcasting Co. headquarters, which just happened to be across from the con hotel

Evan Lewis said...

Thank you once again, O Wise One.

Stephen Mertz said...

This has been an inspired and wonderful gift to all of us. Thank you, gentlemen.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you.