Saturday, February 3, 2018


a self-portrait and a blurb by Art Scott from The Paperback Covers of Robert McGinnis (2001)

Robert McGinnis turns 92 today, and I'm pleased to report he's still painting. Below are just a few samples of work, and a look at a book that belongs on every shelf. Our regularly scheduled feature, BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON, will return tomorrow.

Okay, so I leaned a little heavy on the Bond stuff. So shoot me. I like the Bond stuff. 

 Detail from the 1991 painting "What's the Rush?" with McGinnis looking at his watch

This is the book you want (published 2014), and you can get it HERE

Co-author Art Scott with one of his biggest fans, Mr. Bill Crider

Bill Crider said this: The heart of the book is the art, but Art Scott provides an excellent and insightful introduction to the artist and his work, with shorter introductions to each section of the book.  I can't think of anyone better qualified to do so.  Scott might be the only person in the world who owns all the paperbacks for which McGinnis has done the covers.  Following the introduction, there's also a fine interview with McGinnis himself.


Art Scott said...

Nicely done. This modest, generous and incredibly talented man deserves the accolades. One correction, the self-portrait and bio blurb at the top is from the flyleaf of our earlier book, The Paperback Covers of Robert McGinnis (2001).

Evan Lewis said...

Yikes. I'll fix it.

TracyK said...

This is lovely, Evan. McGinnis is my favorite illustrator of mystery paperbacks and I collect them when I can. I have both of the books of his artwork.

Oscar Case said...

Fantastic Art and Artist!