Saturday, March 30, 2019

A Word from Our Sponsor: JET ROCKET SPACE SHIP!

This intriguing ad ran in comic books in the '50s and 60s. The ship was first offered at $2.98, then had a two dollar price increase. It included, you'll see "2 Disintigrator Guns" and after blasting off you can "release your load of powerful nuclear bombs and bullseye!" What fun!

But what did this baby really look like? I've collected photos from around the 'net to show us what was in the box and what it really looked like.

This piece from the June 1956 Mechanix Illustrated shows the disintigrator guns, but where are the nuclear bombs? (Note the kid in the Davy Crockett cap.)


Cap'n Bob said...

You need this badly.

Evan Lewis said...

I'd appoint you my co-pilot, but don't want to sit on your lap.

Mike Britt said...

When I had my graphics screen printing business I did lots of printing on a variety of materials like corrugated and fiberboard for products just like this. Lots of time and money went into designing and manufacturing this jet rocket space ship. Packaging and shipping must have been a sizable cost also. Offering this for several years must mean that they sold a lot of them and obviously made some good money.

Art Scott said...

Looks surprisingly solid & well-designed, for what it was. Not the tacky rip-off one might expect. I never had one; I did have the Marx "Spaceport" play set. Cap'n Bob can supply the particulars, I'm sure.