Monday, March 4, 2019

For Sale! Otto Penzler's RAYMOND CHANDLER Books (Part 2)

Yeah, these droolworthy items are now up for bid on the Heritage auction site HERE. Art Scott told me about this event, which makes me wonder . . . will we soon be seeing the legendary Art Scott Collection offered here, too?


Art Scott said...

You can come to Lessercon later this month and see some of my "legendary" collection in bags and up for grabs by the grubby hands of the bibliophile public. Not often you can see a copy of Men Want My Flesh available for sale.

Seeing those copies of the Chandler Avon digests triggered another wave of Lancecon nostalgia. Too bad Otto never came to Portland. He'd have sniffed at most of the books, but not at the genuine Book People, and certainly not at Lance's collection. And having seen Bruce & Otto work as tandem auctioneers at Bouchercon, they would have put on a truly memorable Sunday show in the backyard.

Evan Lewis said...

If I had the bucks to get there, and more bucks to spend there, I'd surely be bound for Lessercon. As it is, I guess the elusive Men Want My Flesh will have to wait.

I'm hoping to watch the auction on Heritage Live! on Wednesday, and report results on Thursday. That's here: