Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Otto Penzler Auction Results: CARROLL JOHN DALY Books


Here's what the Daly books brought in last week's Heritage auction. There was a LOT more stuff, but I've shown you most of what I found interesting. Starting tomorrow, we return you to your regularly scheduled programs. 

 $3,000 (inscribed)






$3,000 (In error, Heritage said this was the second Race Williams book. Actually, it's the one and only Three-Gun Terry Mack novel, of comparatively minor importance. Will this buyer be wanting his money back?)





$550 for this one and the Satan Hall novel below


Fred Blosser said...

The only Daly firsts that I ever owned were TAINTED POWER and THE HIDDEN HAND, bought for modest prices years ago ($10 each, if I recall correctly). Neither had a DJ, but both books were in what an appraiser would probably call very good shape. I wound up donating one to a friend who needed it to fill a hole in his Daly collection, and put out the other in a bunch of books that I donated to a library sale. I'd ask what Otto's auction copies fetched, but nobody wants to see a grown man cry.

Stephen Mertz said...

Good for you, Fred! I've had copies of each of these books except for the final two which I believe are reprinted from pulp mags, which I do own. Still have about half of them and the other half? Gone the same way as yours, or traded to dealers. I only cry to the occasional country song. With books, I prefer to think of them as out there in circulation after I've lost interest, making the rounds so to speak, rather than become the overpriced, jealously guarded possessions of the idle rich.

Evan Lewis said...

I have precious few things the idle rich would want, but when the time comes to sell, I hope those folks are around to help save me from the poorhouse.