Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Real Life story of GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER (1942)

Today we pay homage to "America's Most Colorful Cavalry Leader," also known as Yellow Hair, Fanny, Autie, Iron Butt and Son of the Morning Star. This tale, from the May 1942 issue of Real Life Comics (scanned for comicbookplus.com by "Yoc") is dedicated to Cap'n Bob Napier, illustrious grandson of one of GAC's by-blows. Who drew it? I don't know. Cautionary note: Anyone perusing this post from Stayton, OR is advised to close his eyes. 


Matthew Clark said...

On the bottom of the third page, "The mounted band" going into battle. Does that sousaphone player, an instrument that was not invented yet, mount his horse with the horn on his shoulder or is it handed up to him?

Evan Lewis said...

That guy in Stayton, who has his eyes closed, will know.

Cap'n Bob said...

Historically accurate in every detail. Thanks for the kind dedication.