Saturday, March 2, 2019

PHILO VANCE and "The Ugly End" (1941)

Here's another case for you armchair detectives. This one's from the August 1941 (#58) issue of The Funnies, displaying, once again, the comicbookplus scanning prowess of Mr. freddyfly.


Art Scott said...

In case nobody but me reads Van Dine anymore, the story is a crude amalgam of character names and plot elements from the 2nd Philo Vance (Canary Murder Case - the "Canary" was a nightclub singer, not a woman named "Canary") with the alibi gimmick from the 1st (Benson Murder Case). Now you can skip reading both of them, which I recommend.

Evan Lewis said...

I read The Gracie Allen Murder Case, and Van Dine failed to capture her character. Skip that one, too.