Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cash Laramie Rides Again in "Manhunter's Mountain" by Wayne D. Dundee

I’ve enjoyed all of David Cranmer’s Cash Laramie stories, and I’m pleased to report that this entry by Wayne Dundee is a great read too.

When Cash goes after an escaped bank robber named Lobo Ames, he inadvertently causes the dying town of Silver Gulch to lose it’s only saloon and it’s last two whores. Understandably, the citizens are a might disgruntled. So when Cash sets out to haul Lobo back to civilization (with the two whores tagging along), a few of those citizens decide to ambush him.

To complicate matters, in rides Cole Bouchet, a bounty hunter who’s set his sites on Lobo, and doesn’t care how he gets him. Cash now has five men on his trail, three folks slowing him down, and a storm approaching fast. Yikes.

I took an instant liking to Wayne Dundee’s creation Cole Bouchet - who has the makings of a great anti-hero. He’s every bit as tough as Cash, and twice as ruthless. As the story plays out, Bouchet proves himself a bit too ruthless and depraved for a returning anti-hero role, but he’s a good indication of what Mr. Dundee is capable of, and I’d like to see a similar but more palatable character in his own series.

Meanwhile, I’ll be catching up on other adventures of Cash and his pal Gideon Miles from Mr. Cranmer’s growing posse of Edward A. Graingers.


Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. had not heard of this yet. Will check it out. I've enjoyed all these stories as well.

Oscar Case said...

I've liked the Cash Laramie stories I've read, and this sounds like an exciting read.

wayne d. dundee said...

Thank you for the kind mention of MANHUNTER'S MOUNTAIN, Evan. You might be interested to know that I have a new Cash Laramie novel --- THE GUNS OF VEDAUWOO --- scheduled to come out soon.
Also I have the recently-released RIO MATANZA (sequel to last year's HARD TRAIL TO SOCORRO)featuring my Southwest bounty hunter, Bodie Kendrick.
And then, on the Western front as well, there was the June release of RECKONING AT RAINROCK, featuring former Indian scout Lone McGantry from last year's Peacemaker Award-winning DISMAL RIVER.
If you liked MANHUNTER'S MOUNTAIN, I think you will like these too. I hope you check them out.
Thanks again!

Evan Lewis said...

All good news, Wayne!

David Cranmer said...

Thanks, Evan. I always appreciate you taking the time to review.