Monday, June 11, 2018

DC TRIP: The guy who put the Washington in Washington DC

George's face is all over the DC area, and rightly so. This painting, now in the National Portrait Gallery, was done from life in 1785 by British artist Robert Edge Pine. Thankfully, this was before George's mouth was disfigured by dentures.

This bust by Jean-Antoine Houdon, from around 1786, is also in the NPG.

This statue's in the NPG, too. Don't know whodunnit.

This is a detail from a study by Constantino Bremudi for the huge "Apotheosis of Washington" in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol.

This bust of George at a toga party was done by Hiram Powers in the 1850s. It now guards the elevator in the State Department's Diplomatic Reception Rooms.

Another in the Diplmoatic Reception Rooms.

Greeting tourists on the street in National Harbor.

Here he is in full denture mode.
Rembrandt Peale painted the original version of this in 1795, and made copies, like this one in the NPG.

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