Tuesday, June 19, 2018

DC TRIP: The Tall American

Yeah, we paid another visit to this guy. Hasn't moved a muscle since we saw him ten years ago. His butt must be getting sore.

A 1917 copy of a life mask made in 1860, before Abe ran for President. 

1917 copy of an 1865 life mask.

The hat he wore to Ford's Theater.

One of the pillows he bled on before dying. 

The tower of Lincoln books we saw at the Ford's Theater museum.

This song was running through my head the whole time.

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Shay said...

One of the weirder assignments I had on active duty was interpreter-escort for a delegation from what was then the Republic of Zaire (it is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

The visiting military personnel only had two places they wanted to visit; the Lincoln memorial and JFK's grave in Arlington.