Thursday, June 14, 2018

It's Back! The World's Greatest Sporting Event

Yeah, I'm incredibly bummed that the U.S. team failed to qualify, and that my blood brothers from Italy won't be there, either, but the World Cup will still command my attention and strain my eyeballs for the next month. Let the games begin.

It's been a big honking piece of my life since 1986, and it was a great year to start, with Argentina's Diego Maradona running wild and scoring his infamous "Hand of God" goal. That year, and for several Cups afterward, I had to watch most of the games in Spanish, because U.S. networks broadcast only a few. I'm pretty sure it wasn't until 1994, when the USA played host, that I finally got to see them all in English.

 The Hand of God strikes!


Cap'n Bob said...

I'm a World Series man. Any tournament that lasts a month seems excessive to me.

Evan Lewis said...

Last year's MLB post season lasted 29 days, and didn't seem excessive at all. And that happens every year.