Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Art of Nero Wolfe: Too Many Women

Another nice view of Wolfe (and a partial Archie) from Bantam 722, published in 1949. Bantam provides this info:

The door to the hall came open and Rosa Bendini was there among us. She stood just inside the door in the cherry-colored thing which, whatever its name might be, was certainly not intended for street wear. But she hadn't merely blundered in. She came forward, on past the others, clear to me...
Illustrated by Hy Rubin

The back cover is also nicely done, featuring a document from the story and a small peek at the first edition dust jacket. I failed to notice the back cover on our previous Art of Nero Wolfe feature, The Silent Speaker, and have now updated that post. You can find it here.


Drake said...

"Too Many Women"...wish i had that problem *rimshot* ;)

Chris said...

I like the back cover. Very imaginative.