Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cap'n Bob's Corner: Big Horn Legacy

Another fine review from Owlhoot ramrod Robert S. Napier...

Big Horn Legacy
, by W. Michael Gear (Pinnacle, 1988, pb). The main thing wrong with this yarn is its length. At 384 pages it’s 100 too long.
The story, by the way, isn’t bad. A man has six kids, five sons and a daughter. He parks each of them with a different person and when he dies they’re instructed to come together to claim their legacy. Meanwhile, the kids’ uncle wants to kill them because their father killed the uncle’s father (and married the uncle’s sister). Not as confusing as it might sound. Each of the offspring has a Bowie knife that hides a secret to the lost treasure. Toss in a Frenchman on a mission from his government, some hostile Indians, and a little prairie voodoo and you have an overlong novel. The cover, by the way, is totally inappropriate.

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