Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Book Buys Pt. 1: Gunfighters and Lawmen

Just returned from a trip down the Oregon Coast to Lincoln City. I always look forward to Lincoln City because that, as near as I can tell, is where old western paperbacks go to die. Or maybe it's more like Purgatory, where they either whither to dust or are reborn in the hands of new readers. This time I was hunting mostly non-fiction. Here's Part 1 of what I found.

These two books aren't particularly old. Published in 1977 & 78, they're practically young 'uns as paperbacks go. Never heard of the author, but the notes say he's a former St. Louis County Police Commissioner, Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Marshal. The books were orginally published in '62 and '63. I picked them up because they offer quick introductions to the subjects. If any pique my interest I can dig deeper. Along with those named on the cover, Great Gunfighters features Cullen Baker, Henry Starr, Herny Brown and Frank Leslie. Great Lawmen also includes Burton Mossman, Chris Madsen and Bill Tilghman.


Unknown said...

I have both of these. Not bad reading.

Evan Lewis said...

If they have the Crider stamp of approval, I'll look forward to them.

Anonymous said...

Breihan's "Outlaws of the Old West" had biographies of the James-Younger gang, Billy the Kid, and the Reno Brothers. Some of the choices for "Great Gunfighters" seemed oddly placed. I would have included Bat Masterson, and maybe Wild Bill Hickok, in "Lawmen," and Henry Starr in "Outlaws."