Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Story With No Name: Part 9 by Richard Prosch

Walt Arnside's bad day just got worse. Richard Prosch has swatted him with a whole new brand of trouble over at Meridian Bridge.  Fallen behind on this round-robin tale? No problem. Richard has provided links to the first 8 parts.

If you're not familiar with Meridian Bridge, now's the time to get acquainted. From his base camp in Jefferson City, MO, Richard regularly explores the Old West, and his discoveries are always fascinating.

The Wild Bunch Wednesday Story Challenge is the brainchild of Black Horse and Avalon author I.J. Parnham. He wrote the first 500-odd words and challenged others to carry on. Thus far, the roster of intrepid storytellers includes:
I.J. Parnham, Jack Giles, Chuck Tyrell, Evan Lewis, Jack Martin, James J. Griffin, Joseph A. West, Robert S. Napier, and now Richard Prosch.

And this just in... My fellow Owlhoot Paul Dellinger has volunteered to pen Part 10. Watch for it next week on a yet-to-be-determined blog. Want to write Part 11? Be ready to stake your claim next week.


Laurie Powers said...

This week's installment is great. Plus I dig that illustration.

Richard Prosch said...

Dave and Laurie --Thanks for your kind words. You are both terrific writers and your encouragement means a lot!

Laurie, your comment reminds me I should credit the illustration --Photoshopped a bit, it's from "Man-Bait for the Gun-Wolf Pack" by L.L. Foreman in the November, 1946 issue of .44 Western Magazine, artist unknown.