Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective No. 6

Because they're so easy to look at, here's another great Hollywood Detective cover. This issue, from 1943, contains 8 Dan Turner stories, plus teasers (just the first few pages) of stories from Speed Mystery and Speed Detective. It also includes one of my favorite interior illos...

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Randy Johnson said...

I recently received two books of Dan Turner stories in the mails that have gone into mt TBR pile. They are Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective and The Case Files of... volume 1: The Spicy years.

As soon as I can fit them in, they look interesting. But you know how TBR piles are.

Evan Lewis said...

I have so many piles, some are lost under the others. But one good thing about Dan Turner stories is they never take more than 15 minutes to read. You can knock off one a day and still get on with whatever novel you're reading.