Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hammett first edition: The Continental Op

That last post got me wondering how much those Hammett digests and mapbacks are going for these days. So I took a look at BookFinder. The Continental Op mapback is getting between 50 and $100 for very good to fine copies, while the digest commands 100 to $300 in similar condition. Dang! Some of my copies of this Hammett stuff are pretty nice, but others aren't. Should have paid more attention to condition back in the day. (But take heart, Hammett collectors, no less an authority than Mr. Bill Crider informs us that better deals are to be found on eBay.)


Unknown said...

"Getting" that much? "Asking" that much, yeah. Nice copies go for a lot less on eBay.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks Bill. I could use upgrades on a few.