Saturday, September 26, 2009

Satan Hall 2 : Satan Sees Red

Here's the setup for this cover from June 25, 1932: Satan is out to get a murderer named Bowers. Bowers has a classy nightclub, political influence and cops in his pocket. To intimidate visitors to his office, Bowers sits them under a hot light across from his desk. Satan pays Bowers a visit, making it clear he's carrying a rod but has no intention of using it - and sits in the chair under the light. Later, after things have escalated, Satan returns. Bowers now has reason to fear him. Before allowing Satan into his office, he takes away Satan's gun and places it in the open drawer of his desk. Bower's bodyguard remains in the room, keeping a gun on Satan. Here's what happens next:

Satan's hands dug deep down at his sides. His fingers seemed to clutch spasmodically at the heavy upholstery of the chair. At least, it seemed that way to Bowers, who couldn't see that far down from his desk . . . 

"You misundertand me, Bowers. I'm not threatening to watch for an opportunity to kill you - hunt you down in some alley. When I say I'm going to kill you, I mean just that. On the open street - in the lobby of a hotel - at Forty-second Street and Broadway. In plain words, the first time I see you, no matter what the place. Even in this room here . . . That's why I came to see you. I wanted to let you know. It will be the first time I ever shot a man down in cold blood, but it's fact just the same. I'll give you time to talk - while I count ten."

Bowers draws Satan's gun from the desk and points it at his chest. Satan explains the gun is not loaded, then thrusts himself out of the chair. As Bowers claws at his armpit for his own rod, Satan shoots the bodyguard between the eyes and pistol whips Bowers across the face. Satan, you see, had stuffed a snub-nose revolver into the chair cushions on his earlier visit. And his real goal, rather than killing Bowers, was to make him burn in the electric chair.

This story was included in The Adventures of Satan Hall, published by Mysterious Press in 1988.

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