Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ed Ames sings "Daniel Boone"

Ed Ames, of course, is a singer of some renown. A crooner. Famous for songs like "My Cup Runneth Over." Unless, of course, you happen to be a child of television, in which case he's Daniel Boone's Indian sidekick Mingo. This stirring rendition of the Boone theme appeared on the 1966 LP "It's A Man's World," with a selection of other manly tunes. Fire up Davy's jukebox and sing along... What a Boone what a doer, what a dream-come-a-truer was he!

"Daniel Boone" by Ed Ames


Cap'n Bob said...

He was actually a British subject for about half of his life, born 1734, died 1820. I guess that would be hard to squeeze into the melody, though.

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