Friday, September 4, 2009

Gun Play: Hubley Ric-O-Shay

Hubley made more cap guns than anybody, and this is one of my favorites because it's BIG. This baby is even bigger than a real-life Peacemaker. And as the box says, when you pull the trigger you hear the whine of the bullet. See that price written on the box? $3.98. Yikes! Gotta get me a time machine so I can go shopping in the fifties.


Randy Johnson said...

A time machine is a fine idea. Just think of all the great first editions you could slip back to find.
Now me, I would have complete sets of The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider, and on and on. The list would be endless(sigh).

Evan Lewis said...

Me too. And Black Mask, Dime Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly, Weird Tales, Wild West Weekly. And those guys on The Time Tunnel show just wasted the opportunity messing around in historical events.