Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wild Bunch Wednesday Story Challenge Part 8

The round-robin western with no name takes another bold step forward with today's contribution by mystery novelist Robert S. Napier. You'll find Part 8 in all its glory on The Cap'n's Blog. Cap'n Bob, as he is known to mystery and western fandom, is the author of the Fivestar mystery Love, Death and the Toyman (now out of print but not yet out of reach) and the upcoming The Toyman Rides Again. When not writing or ramrodding the Old West amateur press association OWLHOOT, he relaxes by strumming gentle ballads on his trusty guitar.

Parts 1 thru 6 of the epic Story With No Name have been gathered for your convenience by Ian Parnham on The Culbin Trail. Part 7 appeared last week on THE TAINTED ARCHIVE.

The distinguished group of wordslingers to participate so far include:
I.J. Parnham, Jack Giles, Chuck Tyrell, Evan Lewis, Jack Martin, James J. Griffin, and Joseph A. West. Welcome to the ranks, Cap'n Bob.

Part 9 is now up for grabs. Who will write it? If you're ready to accept the challenge, make a comment on The Cap'n's Blog.

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