Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Book Buys Pt. 2: Wild Women, Wild Town

If this companion volume to Great Gunfighters and Great Lawmen were reprinted today, it would undoubtedly be Women of the West Gone Wild. But this paperback, possibly a pb orginal, was published back in 1982. Tamer times. Those women not achieving cover status are Poker Alice, Cattle Annie, Kate King Quantrill, Florence Quick and Della Rose.
I read generous passages from Stanley Vestal's Dodge City, Queen of Cowtowns in Lee A. Silva's massive Wyatt Earp, A Biography of the Legend, Vol. 1: The Cowtown Years, and have been on the lookout ever since. Originally published in 1952, this Bantam Frontier Classic is from 1957.


Jack said...

Would be interested to know if that book has any info about Sarah Irvin. She was a deputy sheriff on the Oregan trail in the 1860s.

Evan Lewis said...

Sorry, Jack. I found no mention of Sarah.